Thursday, December 19, 2013


The Sirens of the Lambs by Banksy

New by Banksy: The Sirens of the Lambs. A slaughterhouse delivery truck filled with stuffed animals touring the meatpacking district in New York! 

FB Top Comments |  Not feeling it. Not brilliant...rather predictable and boring. I expect more from you. | Was it Banksy driving the truck. The kids looked really excited and happy. It should be the opposite they should be really sad and crying I don't think it worked the way it should of. That baby had the right answer | Not brilliant? It turned a few heads didn't it...ppl wouldn't have looked twice if it was packed full of real animals going to slaughter..amazing what stuffed toys can do eh!! | Saw a pic & story in today's NY Daily News gave me a good laugh this morning....but then again Banksy art can be funny and great to see. Welcome to NY. | why do Asians eat every that walks our crawls?!! Lol | SAD part is im sure MOST people arent even aware that this is a message, showing us what we'll look like when were on our way to the FEMA camps... caged animals on their way to the slaughter..smh.. | “Forward in the name of Rebellion. Long live Animal Farm! Long live comrade Napoleon. Napoleon is always right.” --Boxer (Animal Farm) | Consequential street art! Thumbs up! Rise up for all animal species, other than just the human species! | If only there could be a truck like this in every city.... more folks might think about the reality of the meat they might eat. Go veg/ vegan! ...good for you, good for the animals, good for the planet. | It makes you really think of the horrors those poor animals must go through when they are picked up and transported in one of these. The smell of fear must be in every nook and cranny of that truck. We adore our stuffed animals. Why don't we adore the real live thing as much? | gorgeous man. your work speaks to all of us who never understood why everyone else does what they do. thank you | This is brilliant, I like his work and do not eat much meat so don't feel guilty but what a good way to highlight the plight of animals | True loveless... i want to cme this truck in my town. God bless pals, and have a magnificent day | If there is one artist who is determined to make a difference, it is Banksy. The rest of them are just champagne drinkers. | Guys, Banksy gets permission and collaborates with people a lot more than you think. He is team Banksy now...better believe that! |

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Have a lot of fun

“Life always has an unhappy ending, but you can have a lot of fun along the way, and everything doesn't have to be dripping in deep significance.” ~ Roger Ebert

FB Top Comments | It's presumptuous to make claims on how happy or unhappy the experience of death will be for the one dying. We who survive them, however, have a million ways of spinning our responses to it. The experience of actually dying is profoundly mysterious to us all, whether that is recognized or not. | Yes but life ever after may not be an unhappy ending | One of the eulogies I read (I'm sure I bookmarked it, but can't find it now to get the exact comment) said that a big part of his charm was that he could review even a really bad movie with a sense of humor and find something good to say--or basically, never dismiss anything categorically. It made me realize that was part of what I liked about him. | depends if you've read the tibetian book of the dead or not | Unhappy ending!? Thats a matter of perspective! Just an inevitable change | That pic brings back some wonderful (interdenominational-raised) childhood memories ... | Isn't that the truth!

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