Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How Much Are We Worth – The Human Body as a Commodity [Infographic]

Ever wondered how much your body parts or organs are worth on the black market? Or the value of the brain's storage capabilities? Or even how much gold is in your body? If you have (or even if you haven't), this new infographic from Buddy Loans will fascinate you, and answer those questions. This infographic looks at the human body as a commodity, putting a financial value on each of our bodies.

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Before And After Photos Of Nepal Show The Effect Of A Deadly Earthquake

Nepal was recently hit by a deadly earthquake that changed the landscape of Kathmandu. Some of the most famous landmarks have been all but destroyed after the catastrophic event.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Childhood Pictures Of Famous Celebrities From Back In The Day

These world famous celebrities look very different today but these pictures are just proof that big things come from humble beginnings.

Marilyn Monroe, 19. [1945]

Cher, 13. [1959]

Teddy Roosevelt, 18. [1876]

Barack Obama, 4, riding a tricycle. [1965]

Bryan Cranston, 14, with his dog Lady. [1970]

Fidel Castro, 17, playing basketball at High School. [1943]

Muhammad Ali, then Cassius Clay, 12. [1954]

George Clooney, 7, would grow up to look exactly like his dad. [1968]

The Notorious B.I.G., 6. [1978]

John Wayne, 19. [1926]

Tiger Woods, 14, playing Zelda. [1989]

Frank Sinatra, 10, looking as suave as you would expect. [1925]

Paul McCartney, 8, with his father on a day trip. [1950]

Stevie Wonder, 13, messing around with Muhammad Ali, 21. [1963]

Robin Williams, 18, as a senior at Redwood High School. [1969]

Audrey Hepburn, 13. [1942]

Paul Newman, 18, having his mugshot taken while joining the Navy. [1943]

Andre the Giant, 19, during a Paris Fashion Show. [1966]

Ben Stiller, 13, on a trip to New York with his father Jerry. [1978]

Andy Warhol, 8. [1936]

Tommy Lee Jones, 19. [1965]

Winston Churchill, 14, in his school uniform. [1889]

Dwayne Johnson, 15. [1987]

Kurt Cobain, 19. [1986]

Robert De Niro, 7. [1950]

Stephen Hawking, 12. [1954]

Bill Clinton, 12, with his saxophone. [1958]

John Lennon, 17, with his then-girlfriend and future wife Cynthia. [1957]


Meet Rosie Mac The Body Double For Daenerys On Game Of Thrones

Emilia Clarke is famous for playing Daenerys on "Game of Thrones" but she couldn't have done it in season 5 without a little help from model Rosie Mac. Rosie played Emilia's stunt double but she also happens to have a lot of fans herself and it's not hard to see why.


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