Sunday, September 28, 2014

Black Cats and Halloween

Black dogs are less commonly adopted than those of other colors, a phenomenon appropriately dubbed “black dog syndrome.” 

Their feline counterparts have it even worse. Animal shelters refuse to adopt out black cats around Halloween for fear they will be sacrificed by cults. This fear of satanic cults is largely irrational.

On the other hand, Halloween does play a part in the adoption of black cats—not as objects of horrific sacrifice, but as cute props for parties. The cats are then unceremoniously discarded.

Woman spends her first two wages as a teacher on plastic surgery to look like a trout

A 25-year old Ardboe woman maintains she has no regrets after spending her first two wages as a teacher on plastic surgery to look like a trout from the Lough in order to attract local men.

Mary-Ann Quinn, who also maintains a ‘wet look’ at all times, confirmed she has increased her success rate at discos in Cookstown by about 300% since the major transformation, despite serious reservations from her parents and nine brothers.

Since the operation, Quinn has looked into developing a scaly complexion as well as learning how to ‘flop about’ on the dancefloor, a new craze some are calling the ‘Moortown Mating Move’.  

Saturday, September 27, 2014

President James Garfield killed by doctors not assin

President James Garfield's assassination shocked the American public as he was a mere four months into his presidency when shot.

The thing is that the assassin’s bullet didn’t kill Garfield. Doctors did. 

On July 2, 1881, Garfield was shot by Charles Guiteau as the President waited for a train in Washington, D.C. Guiteau actually landed two slugs in Garfield, one in the arm and one that ultimately came to rest in his spine.

Doctors immediately tried to fish the bullet out of his spine, sticking fingers, probes, and whatever unsanitary items they could find into Garfield.

The American doctors thought the most important thing to saving Garfield was the bullet removal, and had no idea that they could actually make him sicker—mainly because most didn’t believe germs existed.

President Garfield suffered for 80 days. He was unable to eat, and lost weight.

Thirty-one years later, Teddy Roosevelt was on the receiving end of a bullet from an assassin.

Unlike Garfield, doctors left the bullet right there, and it remained with him for the rest of his life. So it’s highly likely that had doctors done nothing, Charles Guiteau would be a failed assassin, and James Garfield would have survived.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The World's Most Shocking Security Breaches [Infographic]

Everyone loves drama, stories and scandal – roll them into one and you have a nation captivated. The assignation of JFK, The murder of John Lennon, The great train robbery… and who can forget the horror of the Munich Massacre and the disbelief of the Twin Towers 9/11.

The World’s Most Shocking Security Breaches infographic from 1st Ace Security grabs attention and has an emotional hook – good start.

Click on Image to Enlarge.

You'll Never Eat Sushi Again After You See

This poor Chinese man went to the wrong sushi bar ending up getting a tapeworm after eating his favorite snack. He went to his doctor with stomach ache and itchy skin, scans revealed his entire body had been infected with tapeworm. Doctors say this is due to the large amount of raw fish he had eaten. We're willing to bet he won't be eating sushi anytime soon.

Harry Potter Books Banned

Ever since becoming popular, the Harry Potter series has been among the most frequently challenged books, as measured by the American Library Association.

While the series has been welcomed by many parents and teachers for getting children interested in reading, not to mention being a good story, others feel that the series presents dangerous ideas and attitudes that are bad for readers. 

In some parts of the United States and United Kingdom, the Potter books have been banned from being read in school, taken out of libraries, and even burned in public.

The most prominent objections to Harry Potter fall into three categories: they promote witchcraft; they set bad examples; and they're too dark.  

Bendgate: Bending iPhone 6 Plus

Bending iPhone 6 Plus becomes is a new Internet meme called #Bendgate.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are without a doubt Apple’s greatest smartphones to date, and with a thin profile of just 6.9 and 7.1mm, respectively, bringing these devices to life wasn’t a walk in the park. And Apple’s design and engineering team had to make use of very limited space to squeeze everything into one place, but that came with a trade-off, apparently, that might leave iPhone 6 Plus users thoroughly disgruntled.

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