Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Shrek the sheep

Shrek the sheep ran away and hid in a cave in New Zealand for 6 years. When Shrek was finally found in 2004, the sheep had gone unsheared for so long that it had accumulated 60 pounds of wool on its body, enough to make 20 suits! The sheep became famous and even got to meet the Prime Minister. Shrek finally passed away last month at the age of 16.

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Funny things happen when an organism selected for its utility to another up and wanders off. Makes me wonder what deep valleys organisms must pass through when an evolved mutualism (such as cow and cowbird) becomes unfavorable and is selected against. Both organisms have adapted to eachother in ways that could be disadvantageous outside of that sort of arrangement.
(And yes, 'domestication' is a biological mutualism. Humans get resources, while domestic plants and animals get protection, food, and unusual breeding success. And both have adapted, genetically and culturally to maximize the profitability of this relationship. In any other species, we would happily call it a mutualism - such as when we see thatch ants farming aphids. End of lecture.)

I had 3 fine wool ewes escape from our pens to a 1,200 acre ranch behind us. Years later we met a gauger who said he saw them still down, traveling together as a group, with wool so deep you could hardly see their heads or legs. Which is probably why they were still alive - the coyotes could only get a bite of wool and not flesh.
Shrek didn't pass away last was Shawn in 2004 when it was found. Then in 2005 a moron slaughtered it. That moron was taken to court and everything
"Shrek finally passed away last month at the age of 16" When you put it like that, it kinda sounds like you wanted to pass away, you know? Like "finally that sheep is dead".
Ahhh...sheep...the real mans best friend...makes us us lovely meat...and something else that is too rude to mention...
Ya probably poor shrek died from a cold once they cut off the 60 pounds of wool and let him naked lol
Now, i think i understand why they need to be sheared. 60 pounds of wool is too much to carry everyday. Everything has a purpose.... R.I.P. Shrek...
What we need to do, is develop a more efficient generation of Proppants to be used in Fracking technology. If the Frackers could replace some of the Proppant sand with particulate materials (such as complex polymeric particles), which will slowly expand in physical dimensions, as the proppant particles absorb hydrocarbons and or slickwater fracking fluids - then the growth of the proppants within cracks and crevices of the shale (or tight sand) formation could vastly increase (maybe by a factor of two or three or more?) the release of imprisoned hydrocarbons !? Thereby, the number of pads needed, and the volume of slickwater fracking fluid needed, could be diminished proportionately (still, would not make Christian churches legal in many Muslim nations) !?
Can't be true.first he would have died of heat stroke.secondly i have never heard of a sheep 16 years old.hid in a cave and what only came out at night to eat when it was dark!
This actually is basically true- I did know what breed he is but can't remember.. Polwarth comes to mind.. (but I'm not woolly qualified to say so.)
I'm in nz. This sheep died due to being shorn ... they took his wool. He went into mass shock and died..
impossible because without food(hunger kills) 2. wool raises body temperature (it may kill, in hot area) 3. sheep average life is 12 years.4. if was in cool area how it survive there without high protein diet. in case it was depending on grasses how long it can? the pictr may be ideal kept animal. it is without shearing in ideal condition. i mean low temperature and protein rich diet.

12 year old Brazilian playing the violin at his teacher’s funeral

Diego Frazão Torquato, 12 year old Brazilian playing the violin at his teacher’s funeral. The teacher had helped him escape poverty and violence through music.

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I remember seeing this pic with the caption: But I wanted to be a rapper
poor world

"I'm crying because I actually wanted to be a rapper"
No matter the story whoever took this picture is a heartless prick.
Real Music come from pure heart,not from money
Shit I dk but I do know the lil boy in the back look like he wanna punch the other kid
His teacher has taught him that racism doesn't exists.
Arsenal will probz buy him, thinking he has potential to be a footballing star...
He who honors his teacher honors himself.
Ok.... i have to admit......
this is pure beauty and gives me faith in the human population....
I haven't had MANY inspirations or people that cared in my life but i have had the GREATEST NANA IN THE WOOOOORLD... LIKE NO SHIT SHE IS THE CM PUNK OF NANAS .... THE BEST IN THE WOOOOOOOOORRRRRRLLLLDD .....
And without knowing her would have never know that LIFE IS WORTH LIVING....
and it's the same for this kid
but he has lost his inspiration when i am too busy working and living to even see my inspiration for living..... it really makes ME think...
much respect
but still so very, very sad ;(
Ignorant people, you have no idea the poverty that exists in Brazil. Don't make fun of the boy, hopefully United States and it's people never has to suffer what this kid most likely has been through. Idiots, this is why the world hates you.
This is photoshopped...why do stupid ass people make stuff like this, just to get likes? Its fuckin dumb...I saw this sameblack kid cryiing in a different picture with violins a month ago
I don't really believe wtf facts so much anymore but I researched a little and it seems to be true. so sad indeed. You guys making fun; you fucking disgust me and you love no one and have no one to love you if you think this funny you fucking idiots.
Wtf are they going to do? Give this boy a hug while he's playing the violin as a tribute to his teacher at his funeral?
Why take a photo of him while he's grieving? So when someone you love dies do you want people coming up to you like 'oh hang on i need a photo of this cause its all emotional and shit' ? No i bet you dont, how rude!
It makes me move that somone was so kind and caring to help him through the worse ever struggles! This is why music is important in our everyday life. RIP to both of yous.
Why take a picture? Seriously? A picture speaks a thousand words. I could tell you this boy cried at his teachers funereal while he played,his violin to honor him, or I can show you the grief this child was experiencing... Which makes it more real? And just because a picture was taken does not mean the child was not conforted afterwards. It's not an either or thing. He may have been comforted honoring his teacher with music, the music his teacher taught him. Stop being so condescending.
No matter the reason for his tears it's still a touching and powerful photo!
I don't know why this page doesn't provide more info. Yes, the picture is real (since someone asked), his teacher died during a theft where he was shot, in 2009. And this kid died later on, in 2010, due to leukemia. Welcome to Brazil
This is the fifth different story I've seen about this pic. Stupid people will believe anything on Facebook
I saw this pic and thought wow this kid is really into the music.. Or he really really hates playing the violin and is being forced to do it
Its a picture of greef and some people are making jokes ! Really , wow how low can you go???
Diego was part of the violin string orchestra of Afroreggae and "became a symbol of hope" for the fight against leukemia and indignation against the crime that killed the group's leader, John Evandro da Silva, killed in an assault on 18/10 / 2009.
My heart goes out to him, I hope he is crossing paths with more of earth's angels
More people should try leaving a "positive" impact on others... doing so, you will never be forgotten once your gone.
Racism is an ugly thing to live with, I don't know how some of you people walk the streets without having to watch your back with every step.
Who cares where the picture came from those are tears and the story behind it doesn't matter the tears and look in his eyes are what I care about.
Look at the kid behind him...I think he did it..hahaha

This is the craziest selfie EVER!

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Thats a serious set of stones he's got
Props to that guy.. cause there isn't enough money in the world to get me up there! Lol
never know could be real the way people have been doing parkour.
He made it all the way up there and he couldnt make a little bit more effort to do a crazy face ! it would make it just perfect !
meanwhile other camera barely captures 2 person from that distance
takes my stomach away just looking at this picture! i have dreams about falling from high places all the time
no way that someone tried to climb all this wearing jeans....
You all realize this is fake and photo shopped, right? Smh..people will believe anything nowadays.
of course it is photoshop. For one, how would you get up there, without a helicopter, which I would be surprised if any pilot would consider flying that close to a buidling. Instead of calling out "fake" or "photoshop" just admire the detail in it. I think it is a kickass pic, good work.
The people who do this as a sport are out of their fucking gourds.
Cool shot but I dunno harness no nothing and if you look thwres barely footing to step down onto anything ...I dunno...awesome if its real
Fake.... how'd he get up there? Its not like there's stairs
It's not photoshopped he is a free climber they climb buildings without anything but there hands and feet
Nope.It isn't photoshopped.There is a guy from Russia who takes these crazy pics.Youtube it if you want.
Wide angle lense his body will look like that. Take a self with a go pro. Same concept. Real. And bad ass.
doesn't matter where or what you're doing, men don't take selfies
I think ill stick to my bathroom selfies thank you very much. I want to live
I don't know of this one is fake, doesn't look like it. It is possible to get up in places like this. Anyone seen the crazy Russian guys who do pull ups hanging from telephone antennas and stuff like that? They get up in some crazy places hundreds of feet in the air
It is the height of selfie....seein 4th time today
I'd like to put a stoner up there
My heart is beating crazy fast just looking at this!!
how does he get back? and don"t say the way he came up because getting down is way more difficult dan getting up that shit
i would be scared to put my phone out of my pocket, and my hands would sweat so much of fear, i'd probably drop my phone xD
From the surrounding buildings, looks like Vegas. Fuck that though. Dude was high and having a hangover night. Lol!
Not possible. First of all the wind that high up would have knocked if off. He is not harnessed to anything. Second there is no way he got up there. It's not real.
its photoshopped because tip of the tower cant be the same size as him. how would people be able to see the tip from the ground?
Tbh I'd be surprised if this was photoshopped. There's A LOT of people who climb stuff like that. As well as that the sun line seems to be effecting him correctly, as well as his hands shadow.
its not fake. this dude does this kind of stuff for a living. he'll hang off buildings with just one hand, he'll walk across construction parts that are high in the sky, etc.
It is photoshopped you dumbasses! The guy in the youtube video was strapped with harnesses! If you really believe this picture you need to get a life and off the fucking internet!
The real challenge is climbing that in those skinny jeans
there is a difference between bravery and stupidity. bravery is selflessly defending someone at your own risk, etc. stupidity is when you have to tell someone 'if I fall before taking this selfie, remember that I love you'
If this is real stupid idiots, these pictures are just going to make younger people want to get a crazier selfie of them self for seeing this pic. Let me know when some one dies from these kind of things so I can say I TOLD U SO ..
That is cool as fuck!!!!He ain't hurting nobody,,,Unless he falls and lands on them,and we know that didn't happen bc I'm sure it would have caption it so.
He is just synchronizing his map. As long as there is a pile of hay some where he can jump down safely.

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