Friday, June 8, 2012


Father Time! :) | is this in ny? ive seen that dude before.... | african bambaataa! | 100% Oldschool Hippie :D | Funk-a-licious | nothing like living true to your soul :) beautiful! | Damn he even through some Flav in there lmmfao | Looks like a white wizard of flavor flav! Lmao | the missing brother of credo mutwa | Looks like Flava Flav cloned with Gandalf at Woodstock! | Don't fuck with dad, he can unleash the colours on you. | Wish there were more colourful people :) !! | George Clinton! | urban shaman for sure | Have you ever been accosted by mauve? Smashed in the kisser by purple? Kicked in the shins by cyan? You don't wanna' be, man. | Is that his son x2 seats behind? Chip off the old block. | only time will tell | A cross between George Clinton and Flava Flav? | Moondog, afrika bambaataa and flavor flav from public enemy in one person. | It's the people in suits who cause the most misery | this dude stole my getup | Hippee Dumbledore!!! | He seems like "Dumbleswag" | He's getting on a bit, times running out for him. | It's Santa incognito... | Is this the original grandfather clock? :P | THAT is so assmom!! | the coolest thing I've seen in a long time, nice work Sir | Socrates in 21 century - I know that my time is over but I am still my life`s the greatest lover! | Rasta Saruman! | Don't take the brown acid. | I like how the riders on the bus is posed. Is this the norm? | Graduate of the George Clinton School of Funk with a major in Flavor Flav. | Thats the prime minister of France | probably one of the happiest people on earth. | hes son is livin here in Mexico, there´s a guy just like him!! | a couple seats back there is another boy slowly transforming into this guy! | Ill bet if you sat and talked to him , he would have some great things to say, never judge a book and all that. He put way more effort in his outfit then I did in mine! | This guy must be on drugs! | Cool. I wish we had him here in Tokyo. Public buses here are BORING . | So cool! I like him :) | Time Bomb on him? Surprised he did not get nicked!? x | wicked a mix of P funk Bootsy and Public Enemy Wise Man | I see Moondog, Viv Stanshall (of Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band) and Flavor Flav. | It's Father Time, showing how beautiful you become when you have it all. | -- FB Comments --


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