Friday, February 7, 2014

If the Theory of Evolution were true

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For the 1-millionth time: Man did not evolve from chimps. Man's ancestor was a separate unique hominid with common ancestry of the chimp. Also, asking where "The Between Species" is (as you put it), is like asking 'where are the humans who lived a few thousand years ago?' The very question your asking shows you fundamentally still don't understand how evolution works.
Fuck I hate stupid people... The "monkey" they're acknowledging at the beginning isn't a monkey- it's a primate. The primate family includes humans and apes, but we evolved separately from it, like branches on a tree. Specimens mutated, and if a trait proved to increase chances of survival, it stuck.
As far as where the millions of "in-betweens", they're now fossilized, because they were unable to adapt. Physical evidence! Tell me when they find the remains of Noah's Ark.
Do the world a favor- put down your bible and pick up a science book.

There are many records, sorry to inform you. What there's no evidence of it's actually that we were created by an imaginary being who has never been seen, by anyone, ever. And don't come with some bible bs we all know about.
Technically, there aren't millions of the first one. Those aren't chimps. They're an early, hominid common ancestor of chimps and humans.
I just love when people claim to be religious and to have faith, and then treat people like dog shit for believing in what they feel is right. How religious and righteous of you ( applause here)
thats cuz evolution doesnt exist. unless u believe in science and thats all. BUt if u really believe in God u wudnt believe it in evolution, if u believe in evolution n still say u believe in God thats not right cuz then ur saying that what God created the first time isnt right so thro time it changed on its own. get it? wen science cant explain something they blame it on evolution or something made up n make it seem like they got it all figured wen its clearly lack of understanding n refusing to believe in anything higher then themselves. i believe science can explain somethings like ex: what cells look like in a plant or something or the how our body works sometimes etc. (little things like that) but to say where we came from or something big like that they need to rethink it cuz a snake cant b a snake n a bird at the same time. idk its just funny how they think sometimes. it might not came out right but i know what i mean n i now what i believe in n Jesus Christ is my knowledge not what the world says how i shud think.
Its bull shit, they have uncovered millions of fossils of dinosaurs and fish, but only a couple that they THINK maybe one in the middle, i agree the Bible version has some holes that no one can fill but they only have a theory, i have faith! The ice man they found us supposed to be one of the oldest preserved person ever discovered, he was covered in tattoos, I've never seen a monkey tatting another monkey on the zoo!
We discovered the theory of evolution not the fact of evolution though. It is like everyone else's theories on how we came into existence. No one truely knows.
We did no evolve from a chimpanzee as many believe, chimpanzes and humans have a common ancestor,we are like primate brothers.
Maybe humans hunting them to extinction like we have done with countless species. example, the birds that used to inhabit Madagascar few thousand years ago, 300kg birds. Soon as humans arrived hunted to extinction
Humans are territorial animals, just think about any animal that enters your property, if its enough of a threat you kill it... Apply same logic back then.
  its blind faith because if either one them, the devil or God ever showed there self the game is over, the devils greatest trick is convincing the world that he doesn't exist. An old man told me'' God and the devil has a deal, they can not show there self, if every one really knew beyond a doubt that they would really burn in hell for eternity every body would change the way they lived, every one has evil or impure thoughts, most of us can keep then under control, keep them out if our head for the most part,them are the ones that have the chance to enter the gates of heaven, how unfair would it be for a truly evil person, one that belongs in hell, but just because he repents and begs for forgiveness he gets to stand by me who had controlled the evil thoughts and tried to keep the devil out of his head! Think about it if God come to you right now and showed you he was real and showed you that hell was really real how would you go on, would you change your life, probably so, so instead of showing there self they can only make small nudges, as i would call a answered prayer, or a nudge by the devil may just talk that kid into shooting up a school, we only have faith, and inside my personnel life there have been to many things line up in a since for me not to believe is somebody is nudging me along! And I'll end with this, if we came from them why are they still here, every one of them are exactly alike no primate has ever changed, you would think that we would see some of then half way through there process!
They became inhabitable unable to adapt to survival and died off..leaving the guess..I'm still in wonder of it all.
pre-cambrian explosion where all major mammel groups appear in the same strata. no evidence of what should be millions of deviations leading to all these mammals. so either entire species sprung up spontaneously without any pre-cursers... or something is wrong with this theory and we should consider some other hypothesis..
the two theories of evolution and creation cannot be proven by undoubtable scientific evidence.what makes me beleive in creation is that you cannot dissarove it using science. the same cant be said for evolution.
Its a diffrent evolutionary branch you idiots the primates humans elvovled from are,not the ones we have now ohhahatggg idiots idiots everywhere
because we were a mutation. So a monkey had a baby that started another evolution chain, and that chain has been evolving. Not ALL monkeys evolved. Which is why we still have monkeys, but we're here at the same time.


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  2. ENTROPY. Explain that away with ur Junk Science. You can't hide a lie as big as we are some offspring of other creatures. Scientist get paid BIG BUCKS to believe what they do and to propagate the same. How much do you get paid to ride the coat tails of the these men?