Friday, February 7, 2014

Orphaned pony.. his best friend is a teddy bear called "Button"

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Poor little pony...I hope the owner gives him lots of attention.
Wait until it finds out that the teddy cannot communicate. Lol that teddy's head will be out and sponges will be lying around! U wont recognise the teddy anymore after few months. It will be torn apart!
Instead of a kiss, years ago the bride & groom would make love in front of their entire village during the wedding ceremony.
I will name him Spirit.God bless him.
It's funny to see that people can even be cynical towards a picture of a pony and a teddy bear. Look for something to be happy about in your sad little lives. This is a very sweet photo!
I am sure the pony took one look at the teddy bear and decided to name it Button.
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