Friday, June 26, 2015

News: Oklahoma Man Pleads Guilty In 'Atomic Wedgie' Death

From Wedgie Death Monthly.
Oklahoma Man Pleads Guilty In 'Atomic Wedgie' Death

An Oklahoma man has pleaded guilty to manslaughter for killing his stepfather with an “atomic wedgie,” pulling the man’s own underwear over his head and causing him to suffocate. At a hearing Wednesday, he told the judge: “Things got out of hand.”

On Monday, Brad Lee Davis, 34, pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter ahead of a jury trial set for next week. At a mitigation hearing on Wednesday, he described the incident to a judge who was trying to determine his punishment, the Shawnee News-Star reported.

Days before Christmas 2013 in his mother’s trailer in McLoud, about 30 miles from Oklahoma City, Davis got into a fight with his stepfather, 58-year-old Denver Lee St. Clair, and St. Clair came at him. “I was defending myself with all I had,” he said, according to the Oklahoman.




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