Friday, February 9, 2018

This afternoon in eight pictures

I've been pretty much hibernating at home all week. It's been really cold, and apart from a couple of freezing cold runs, I've hardly spent any time outdoors. So today I thought I had to rectify that and went into town to see the Wim Wenders polaroid exhibition before it ends this Sunday.

It was ok, there were about 10 good pictures in there, but it was still nice to get out of the house. This pic is quite apt as I'm trying to figure out where we should go on holiday this summer. It might involve a veeeeeery looooooong flight. Fingers crossed.

But I digress. I really like how these were framed. Makes me want to find some of our Polaroids and put them up on the walls. Although we don't actually have that much wall space left anymore.

Toilet selfie time! My hair has gotten crazy long. Can't figure out if I like this length or if I should cut it short again.

I also went to my trusty newsagents on Wardour Street to see if they had any of my regular mags in stock. All that talk of "Print is dead!" doesn't quite make sense when you're in there.

I then walked to Fabrique dreaming about their cinnamon buns all the way there, but then weirdly ordered a cardamom bun instead, and remembered too late that I don't like them as much. Just as I finished it I thought "Wait, it's February... Shouldn't they sell semlor here?". Which they did. Oh well, a reason to head in to town soon I guess.

On the way home I walked past this queue of millennials (and someone's mum) waiting to be let into Palace, a hipper than hip store in Soho. In my day you just simply walked into a shop. Modern life is so weird and silly.

And then finally back home, with a new magazine to read and a hot chocolate to warm me up. We're going out for some pizza in a bit. Can't wait. Hope you have a great weekend!

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