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The Bible - A Reader's Guide

The bible addresses human depravity, how could it not speak of those things in a manner that is not superficial? 
 Athiest's don't spend as much time criticising Islam? You obviously never read much Hitchins, and his little 4 horseman clan. 
 Or much of the mainstream press as it happens. 
@ Erik Im atheist and I don't restrict myself to criticizing christians, all religions are delusional, pointless, forms of mind control and frankly theyre all responsible for poisoning the lives of billions of people throughout history. Even if any religion was right, (which they arent) all religious text was written by man and man on the whole is not to be trusted 
 The problem is not God or religion but the ground staff! 
 you forgot the bits about Love, Forgiveness Selflessness, Honour, Respect, Hope, Humility, Grace, Courage, Sacrifice (the good kind), Thankfulness, Equality (every one has fallen short and God doesn't rate sin), Charity, Justice, Redemption... etc ....Yes those and those horrible things that you've mentioned are in there but it wouldn't be a book about LIFE and God if the whole scope of life wasn't covered as far as I'm concerned the only thing that's missing is aliens.
@carl if man is not to be trusted then why should I trust what you just said? If we are to disbelieve everything that is written by men then I suppose we shouldn't trust any book as they are all written by men and women.
Yeah, I know what you mean about religious propaganda. I was brainwashed by religion, too.
Bible written by MAN. MAN is fallible and greedy and judgemental. You may as well follow the Calvin & Hobbes compendium! LOL
anti religious propaganda Serena? Just love how some people get out of joint when their faith is tested, rather than suggest why its wrong. So tell us what part of this is propaganda, inaccurate or poor in quality? Are any of those bullets points listed not covered in the bible?
Reminds me of the military regimes in Amerika, 2011-2013
atheist don't discriminate they attack muslims too, well all religious cults attack each other....hate in the name of god, pretty insane...... and by all cults I include atheism in the bunch
again if man is fallible then what you just said is fallible
Anti-religious propaganda? This is real stuff......."Slaves, be subject to your masters with all reverence, not only to those who are good and equitable but also to those who are perverse." (1 Peter 2:18 NAB) Someone took the time to make graphic art out of one of the most deceiving books ever written, one that brainwashes the masses. Not down with the bible, but down for creative licensing through art.
Let's all have a big fight over the existence of God! Yay!
AND... you are only as good as your weakest link... the bible also talks about those other "good" things, but is full of these "weak" links. So i wouldn't feel right referencing it in any way...those things about respect, hope, grace, etc., they're qualities that humans are intuitively aware of...not because the bible says so.
Exactly. And what you said is also fallible. BTW I've got an excellent relationship with God; we're just allergic to religious bullshit.
ah the honest truth of the history of mankind...the bible doesnt lie
You could apply many of these things to various non-religious governments as well. Like USSR, North Korea, China, Cambodia, etc.
you are citing a text that is 2000 years old, the slavery of that time period was not like the slaver of African Americans in US. When you judge a text like that by modern standards you are assuming that the modern way of seeing thing...s is the right way, which by the way is narrow minded.
Second there are a plethora of texts that prohibit involuntary servitude. For example in 1Timothy1:9-10 the involuntary enslaving of people is mentioned along with other human sins.
Exodus 21:16 also portrays human trafficking negatively. 

I think this is what pervert love about this book, all that good stuff,
I'm Atheist, that's my personal belief. Some people like to believe in Mohammed some people Jesus some people have hundreds of Gods, their beliefs do not affect me in the slightest. What's the harm? Live and let live
ISLAM the true religion of God. Our Holy book is the true words of Allah (GOD) same as it was 1400 years ago. However, as a muslim I respect Christianity too. Remember "Death", no science can stop this. We will return to Allah...MAY ALLAH BE PLEASED WITH YOU....
I agree 100%, just trying to figure out why some people feel the need to attack others for thinking differently than them.
All religion is hypocritical and evil and subjective to at least one group of people, namely women and people of opposite religions (regardless of how similar they are).
God Squadders need sectioning. They are suspect in all their judgements.
hope and grace are
Things humans are intuitively aware of? Tell that to the people that survived the holocaust.
In fact try raising a kid w/o teaching them right from wrong and see how they turn out.
What the bible says about humanity is true. We are a messed up people, radically depraved, who if left to themselves would... Well look at the world.

Having been a Christian and a Jew, I don't partake in patriarchal religions anymore, esp. seeing how these religions treat women. The Muslim religion I wouldn't go near with a ten foot pole! I'm not a bigot, to each his or her own. What's right for one person isn't necessarily right for another person and these religions just aren't right for me! I don't think the universal power that is will mind a bit! :)
the bible was made to slow the problems a scare people into thinking they are doing wrong and used to rule the poor and to take from the poor to give to the rich power at the time just like kings they wanted you to do what they said or your... head would be off its all about who has power be human injoy your life who care's about a book or a god that controls your mind they would lock you away for haveing a fake friend that you talked to what if i put u away cause you talk to yourself
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